Mofongo's Distillery, GroningenMofongo’s distillery is a recent extension to the existing Mr.Mofongo’s bar. Spanning no less than 4 floors, Mofongo’s distillery is a not so much a bar as an experience. The now infamous cocktail robot Armando – as seen on You Tube, and featured in Venuez Hospitality magazine – steals the show with it’s unique method of assembling cocktail ingredients. The distillery is fully functioning.


The decor is rough and ready – industrial concrete, stone, stained and textured plaster, battered metal and steel, aged wood: a delight to work on.


Mofongo's distillery

Mofongo’s Distillery was voted Best Bar in the Netherlands 2013 (Publieksprijs), a competition organised by Proost Hospitality magazine.
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Mumford Visuals was commissioned by Inris Interieurbouw and Heineken for this project. Photographs by Tiemen Voorhorst.